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Workplace Wellbeing

I understand, first hand, that stress in the workplace is now one of the biggest issues employers need to face.  The implementation of a health and wellbeing strategy can make your employees feel valued and happier in their roles. Evidence suggests that it is increasingly important to prioritise the mental & physical health of your staff.

Employee engagement & stress management

In 2019/20 – 38.8 million working days were lost due to work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries (non-covid)


There is a lot of empirical research and evidence that yoga is beneficial for our overall mental and physical health and that regular sessions in the work-place can help employees to:

  • Decrease their stress levels.

  • Increase their energy and positivity.

  • Release the physical tension brought on by extended periods of sitting or standing and office work.


It’s my aim to provide a guided yoga practice that will help participants balance their energy, recover from exhaustion and feelings of overwhelm, and to promote positive health and wellbeing.


I am aware that not everyone has tried yoga, and indeed, there might even be misconceptions about what it is.

Some might think that they can’t even touch their toes so they won’t be able to practice, or that they are simply no good at it after a previous attempt.


However, it is my key principle to make yoga accessible, joyful, and an integral part of everyone’s otherwise busy lives.


A simple routine of yoga movement is often enough for many, no matter their age, gender, fitness or shape, to quickly feel much better in their mind and body.


Starting from only £30 per session
Your individual quote will depend on your needs

Workplace Wellbeing
Workplace Yoga

How much space is needed?

A small meeting room is often sufficient, or we can do chair yoga from your desks if that is more convenient.

Will we need to wear sports clothes?

It's your choice. Wear anything comfortable that allows for a full range of movement in your body. You will use your body weight to work on your strength, but we move more slowly so without working up a sweat (so no post-session shower is needed!).

Will we need to buy yoga mats?

Some companies invest in equipment, but I can bring a small number of mats to share during the sessions. Some people may have their own mat they will prefer to use.

Image by Ilyuza Mingazova

I am proud to work with ...

Yoga Hero
Ruth Gorse Academy
Clarion Solicitors
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