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Yoga for Men

Yoga for Men

Soma Wellness 
57a Kirkgate, Otley, LS21 3HN


20:30 - 21:30

Yoga for Men has been developed as a rolling 5 session programme to improve your strength, develop functional movement, and give your overall health and mental wellbeing a well deserved boost.


Session 1 - Core Strength 

Session 2 - Strong spine, strong body.

Session 3 - Shoulder strength

Session 4 - Rotational mobility 

Session 5 - Balance

Repeat ….


Follow in class (practice a little at home if you can) and after each 5 session cycle you will notice improvement in your strength, mobility, posture, balance and energy levels.


Why Yoga?

Yoga makes you stronger, more flexible, better focused and less stressed. There’s arguably no type of exercise that is as accessible as yoga, and that also addresses so effectively many key aspects of your health.


Yoga focuses on matching breathing patterns with postures that take your body through a full range of motion, to help promote flexibility, mobility and a sense of calm. It really does strengthen that mind-body connection. It lengthens tight muscles, increases upper body and core strength, and generally keeps you trim and feeling good.


In other workouts, it may help to push harder, grit your teeth and tense your muscles, but yoga is all about establishing control over your body and calming your mind. It is a lifelong practice that won’t expire with your gym membership, and what you practice in class, you can practice at home, on holiday and even at work.


I am not convinced yet …. 

Then let's dispel some common misconceptions, that might be holding you back:


Myth: Yoga is for women

It's true that three out of four people who practice yoga today are women, but the original practitioners of yoga were almost exclusively male. Yoga was practised by men in India for thousands of years before it made its way to Europe in the early 1900s. It was then predominantly adopted by women after some clever marketing by the powerful and wealthy mainstream health and fitness industry. However, in the early 2000s yoga started to become popular with athletes to improve performance and prevent injury. Today, many Premier League football teams use yoga as part of their normal training routines.


Myth: Yoga is just stretching

Yoga combines many aspects of fitness into an efficient work out, including strength, endurance, core, stability, mobility, flexibility, breathing, recovery, and yes, stretching!


Myth: Yoga has to be spiritual

Whilst yoga can be quite spiritually deep if you choose, you can just focus on the physical aspects without engaging in meditation and spiritual practice.


Myth: You can’t build muscle with yoga

Wrong. Yoga actually helps you build more muscle more efficiently and in less time than if you were to only do resistance training in the gym. Yoga helps you directly build muscle, particularly in your back, core, hips and thighs. It helps you regenerate muscle cells more quickly by releasing muscle tension - an essential step in the muscle growth process. 


….. still not convinced? 

Ok, what if I tell you your sex life can be ramped-up, too! 


Because yoga helps you develop a sense of calmness, strength, stamina, agility, knowledge of your own body, the ability to remain in the present moment, and to make small adjustments, it can greatly enhance sexual confidence, regardless of which yoga poses are practiced.


Not too shabby for a few stretches, right?

£12 single session
£50 - 5 class pass

£90 - 10 class pass

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