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My aim is for you to become a more positive, productive, and peaceful person through the deep relaxation that can be achieved during a group sound bath or a private 1:1 sound therapy session.

Image by Ilyuza Mingazova
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My sound baths are truly immersive, and something you would never have experienced before …. 


I use my instruments to create a soundscape of continuous sound, whilst the aurora light show fills the studio space overhead, so your senses of sight and sound can focus on deep calm and peaceful relaxation.


I start with a focus on your breath, and guide you into a wonderful state of relaxation, where you can simply rest, relax and be bathed in a beautiful kaleidoscope of sound. The session will conclude with a guided grounding where I enable you to connect again with your body, the space and the present.


This isn’t just some wellness ‘woo-woo’ - scientific research suggests that we respond to sound vibration at a cellular level, and the ambient music you will hear during this workshop is designed to generate brainwaves for healing. 


Of the five frequencies (beta, alpha, theta, delta & gamma) that our brain experiences, the theta brainwave range is the one in which the body and mind’s natural self-healing processes are activated and optimised. Theta brainwaves are present during deep relaxation, dreaming, meditation and hypnosis. Theta brainwaves can be a source of creativity, intuition, increased memory, and enhanced concentration. 


Using my experience as a musician and training as a sound therapist (Foundation Certificate in Sound Healing) I create my sound baths to help you quieten your mind, decrease the perception of stress, and bring attention into your body in order to allow you to become centred, grounded and begin to find purpose. 


Sound baths can often be more easily accessible to individuals who find traditional methods of mindfulness and meditation more difficult to access, so this could be a good way to invest in your mental wellbeing in a peaceful, nonjudgmental environment.


What instruments do I play?

Crystal singing bowls, Chinese wind gong, Various percussion, and Handpan.

My sound baths are also unique as I trigger electronic samples of nature sounds and reversed loops of singing bowl chimes as part of the experience to seamlessly link together sections so your relaxed state is not interrupted.

Perfect for:

Anyone looking for a deeply relaxing, immersive, meditative experience.


£5 online sound bath

£15 group sound bath (in person)

£35 1 hour private sound therapy

Photo: Sound bath at Yoga Hero, Leeds


A recent US study has found that experiencing a sound bath may help you reduce stress and anxiety. 

My clients say they attend for some of the following reasons…


  • Stress Management

  • Relaxation of the physical body and mind

  • Enhanced focus

  • Invocation of creative insights and ideas

  • Enhancement of a current meditation or yoga practice

  • Experience deeper states of consciousness

  • Experience something new

  • Expand awareness of self

  • Sleep better

  • Mental clarity

  • Experience altered states of consciousness

  • For help processing challenging emotions or negative thought patterns

  • As a part of their health and wellness practice

  • To support their friend or partner who loves sound baths!

Many people attend a sound bath to achieve relaxation, inner connection, or healing. Most importantly, my clients find that the relaxation they find during a sound bath helps them destress which is a vital tool for our wellbeing in our busy lives.

I am a qualified Sound Therapist, guided by the International Therapeutic Sound Association code of practice.

Questions & Answers

What do I need to bring to a sound bath?

Bring your yoga mat, a pillow, blanket and a bottle of water - an eye mask is an option.


You'll be laying down for the duration of the sound bath, so if you suffer from any lower back issues, we recommend bringing an extra pillow or rolled up towel to place under your knees.


Dress warmly, with extra layers and thick socks (be as comfortable as possible!).

We recommend having only a light meal beforehand, but an empty stomach is best.


Please arrive in good time to settle yourself into the space.

Is a sound bath suitable for all ages?

The Yoga Company reserve the right to request that all participants are aged 14 or over.

Please contact us if you wish to book Sound Therapy or a Sound Bath for anyone under 14, and we can discuss your specific requirements.


It is extremely rare for anyone to have an adverse reaction to sound healing or a sound bath. It is categorised as a low risk complimentary therapy. However, we feel it is good practice to provide the following information.


As a precaution The Yoga Company advises that you do not take part in a sound healing or sound bath session in the following situations:

- If you are in the first trimester of pregnancy

- If you have any cardiac implants (pacemaker)

- If you have epilepsy, or experience seizures.

- If you have unmanaged mental health issues including, but not limited to:


bipolar, schizophrenia, PTSD, complex trauma, borderline personality disorder, or harmful thoughts towards yourself or others.


(General stress, anxiety, depression are fine, and may even be helped by the sound healing)

- If you are intoxicated, under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.

- If you suffer from severe tinnitus.

If you are unsure about any of the above, or have any further questions, please contact us directly and we can discuss your personal situation.

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